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Board Member Election 2024

Vote for six UXPA Boston Board members. Ballots and election booths are available in the hallway between Liberty B/C and Constitution (the exhibitor hall).
Carolyn Pampino

Carolyn brings over 20 years of UX expertise, ranging from individual contributions to executive roles, delivering intricate B2B solutions. Leading teams across diverse landscapes, from startups to industry behemoths like IBM, she champions a culture of rapid research and agile practices. With her dedication to mentoring and shaping new generations of designers, Carolyn is driven to ensure designers grasp the broader context of their craft, advocating for their growth within the UXPA community.

Jonathan Steinberg

Jonathan is a dynamic design leader with over 17 years of professional experience in successfully architecting, designing, and deploying solutions for multi-million-dollar programs. From spearheading UX initiatives to directing large-scale ad campaigns and developing native app experiences, his diverse background offers a keen insight into the ever-evolving landscape of user-centered design. Jonathan is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the UX field. He is eager to contribute my skills and expertise to furthering the mission of UXPA Boston

Sarah Wilkins

Sarah is the founder of TA-DA, a staffing consultancy dedicated to crafting purpose-driven product design teams. With over 20 years of experience in the creative space, encompassing both agency and client-side roles, specifically in UX design, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Additionally, Sarah had the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors for AIGA’s Boston Chapter from 2009 to 2012. She is confident that her unique perspective, strategic mindset, and ability to foster meaningful relationships will complement the existing board members, contributing to the continued success and growth of UXPA/Boston.

Steph Orme | Currently serving as an active board member

Steph Orme is a Boston-based UX Researcher and Research Manager at Key Lime Interactive, a UX consulting agency headquartered in Miami, Florida. She specializes in conducting end-to-end research for Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on clients in the technology and entertainment sectors.

Steph holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communications from Penn State University. Before transitioning to UX, she spent 11 years as a college instructor at various Boston institutions, where she taught and conducted research on the video game industry and player experience. Her extensive background in higher education has equipped her to serve as an advocate and mentor for UXPA Boston’s student and young professional community.

Raissa Talehata

Raissa has three years of experience as a freelance product designer. She is passionate about empowering nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. She specializes in helping small organizations build their online presence and stay competitive in our digital-heavy world. Coupled with a background in digital marketing and a Master’s degree in Digital Media, she infuses her design approach with a unique perspective, emphasizing social impact, sustainability, and inclusivity. She is eager to play a part in the progression of UX in Boston and shape the future of UX design with the local community.

Nicole Li | Currently serving as an active board member

Nicole Li is a UX researcher with a mission to create empathetic and empowering human experiences by bringing voices to underserved individuals. She has been working as a UX Researcher at Cisco for over a year and has served as a board member for UXPA Boston for the past six months. She is passionate about engaging with people in meaningful ways and is eager to continue serving the local UX community.

Previously, she earned her MS & BS degrees in UX Design from Purdue University and has experience in academic research, workshop facilitation, UX studio classroom teaching, UX/UI design, and graphic design. As an early-career professional navigating the complex UX landscape, she empathizes deeply with the challenges and needs of those who are at the early stage of their UX careers. She wants to be the voice for our community, plan events, and foster a platform that the community needs to succeed and grow in their UX journey.

Rich Le | Currently serving as an active board member

As CEO of, Rich seamlessly blends extensive industry experience with a passion for equity and inclusion. By championing initiatives that bring diverse voices into design, he ensures his agency not only leads in innovation but also in cultivating the next wave of design professionals. His work not only meets the moment but paves the way for future designers from all walks of life, striving to infuse the industry with fresh perspectives and equitable opportunities.

Meryll Davis

Meryll is a UX researcher and designer with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and a professional background in mental health counseling and program management at community-focused nonprofits. During the pandemic, she decided to make a career change into UX and now has several years of experience in the field as a UX design consultant for a health insurance company, a research associate at the Bentley University User Experience Center, and a UX generalist at The Andover Companies. She is also nearing the completion of her Master’s from Bentley University in Humans Factors in Information Design. Her areas of expertise lie in qualitative field research and analysis, personas and journey mapping, visual communications design, service design, and Human/AI interaction. Merylltakes a human-centered and empathy-driven approach in all her work and cares deeply about the organizations and people with whom she works. She focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of user-experience, and she especially loves to explore the deeper psychological, philosophical, and artistic elements of human/technology interaction.