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UXPA Boston Board Nominee: Nicole Li

Currently serving as an active board member | Linkedin



I am a user experience design researcher at Cisco. I have earned my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in User Experience Design (HCI) from Purdue University. Over the years, I have accumulated experience in various facets of design, including UX/UI design, academic research on design ethics and dark patterns, and assisting with UX design studios teaching and workshops.

I am deeply intrigued by the intertwined connection between experience design and life, as well as the inseparable relationship between design identity and our individual ways of being. Outside of work, I spend time on personal projects that allow me to explore bridging design knowledge into the context of everyday living. I seek ways to learn from and share the unique problem-solving approaches of designers, utilizing their mindset to navigate through difficult moments across various life stages

Why join the UXPA Boston Board of Directors

As an early-career professional navigating the complex UX landscape myself, I empathize deeply with the challenges and needs of those who are at the early stage of their UX careers. She wants to be the voice for our community, plan events, and foster a platform that the community needs to succeed and grow in their UX journey.

UX design is fundamentally an act of service. It is a great honor for me to have joined the UXPA Boston board and to have been serving the board for the past six months. I have taken the responsibility of maintaining our digital communication sites, participated in conference planning, and worked alongside the UXPA’s Treasurer. I aspire to continue this effort and serve by organizing more diverse sets of gatherings and events that the community calls for.

Volunteering information

  • Actively serving the UXPA Boston as a board member  
  • CHI 2020 Volunteer  
  • Keynote Speaker at Simmons University Sharkhack 2024  
  • Volunteered at Purdue University UX student association