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Looking for your dream UX role?

Submit your information here, and UXPA Boston will feature you and your skills to connect you with exciting job opportunities in the world of UX!

If you are open to new opportunities in the field of User Experience, we are here to help you shine and connect you with potential employers. We understand how vital it is for talented UX professionals to find the perfect fit, and that’s why we’re offering you a platform to showcase your skills and experience.

To get started, fill out the linked form with your details.

Provide your name, a link to your website or portfolio, a brief description of your background, and the type of UX work or job you’re seeking. Whether you are a seasoned UX designer, a user researcher, an information architect, or any other UX-related professional, this is your chance to stand out and make a strong impression on potential employers.

We value your privacy and will only share the information you provide with your consent. We aim to connect you with hiring managers, recruiters, and companies seeking talented UX professionals by featuring you. Please ensure your contact information is accurate so interested parties can reach out to you directly for potential opportunities.

At UXPA Boston, we are committed to supporting our community members throughout their career journeys, and this feature page is just one way we’re dedicated to helping you find your dream UX role. So, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – submit your details today and let us assist you in taking your UX career to new heights!