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Organizing Committees

Volunteer with a committee and help shape UXPA

UXPA Boston is a professional association dedicated to promoting the field of User Experience (UX) in the Greater Boston and New England regions. Our organization brings together UX practitioners, designers, researchers, and professionals in related fields to foster knowledge sharing, networking, and skill development within the UX community.

UXPA Boston is a fully volunteer organization. All activities associated with it are conducted on a voluntary basis without compensation. However, it offers a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the UX community in the Greater Boston and New England region. Our organizing committees work with the board of directors to provide programming and resources to our community. Helping on a committee is a great way to meet more of the community and see if serving on the board is something you would be interested in.

UXPA Boston is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and encourages individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.

Please note that while committee members play a vital role in the organization, they do not have voting privileges in the board of director meetings. Read our bylaws for more information.


Programming Committee

The Programming Organizing Committee plays a pivotal role in supporting the Programming Chair and contributing to the success of UXPA Boston’s diverse range of events. This committee, working closely with the Programming Chair, is composed of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about UX and eager to help shape the organization’s educational programs and networking opportunities.

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Conference Organizing Committee

The Conference Organizing Committee plays a crucial role in the successful planning and execution of the UXPA Boston annual conference. This committee, led by the Conference Chair, is composed of dedicated volunteers who contribute their time, expertise, and passion for UX to ensure that the conference delivers exceptional value to attendees.

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Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Organizing Committee is an essential part of UXPA Boston, working in collaboration with the Marketing and Communications Chair to support the organization’s promotional efforts. Committee members play a vital role in creating and distributing engaging content, facilitating community engagement, and promoting the benefits of UXPA Boston membership.

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Website Committee

The Website Organizing Committee is a critical part of UXPA Boston, working collaboratively with the Website Chair to support the management, maintenance, and improvement of the organization’s website. Committee members play a pivotal role in ensuring the website remains up-to-date, user-friendly, and aligned with the organization’s goals and initiatives.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Most UX practitioners discover UX serendipitously in the course of their work life. As such, many people do not learn about UX until later in their careers. As a result, some people, especially in underserved or minority populations, may never know about UX. The Diversity Committee will work to get more students exposed to UX at an earlier age so they can take steps to aim for a UX career path. The committee will concentrate efforts on underserved or minority populations.

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Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Organizing Committee is a vital part of UXPA Boston, working in collaboration with the Mentorship Chair to support mentorship and educational initiatives within the organization. Committee members play a pivotal role in facilitating mentorship programs, educational events, and resources for individuals at various stages of their UX careers.

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