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Volunteer with UXPA Boston

We're an all-volunteer organization made up of a board of directors and a series of committees.

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If you are interested in volunteering specifically for the annual UXPA Boston Conference held each spring, please check the FAQs at


Volunteer with a committee

Diversity Committee

Increase students’ exposure to UX, especially in underserved or minority communities.

Most UX practitioners discover UX serendipitously in the course of their work life. As such, many people do not learn about UX until later in their careers. As a result, some people, especially in underserved or minority populations, may never know about UX. The Diversity Committee will work to get more students exposed to UX at an earlier age, so they can take steps to aim for a UX career path. The committee will concentrate efforts on underserved or minority populations.


Non-Profit Committee

Leverage the UXPA Boston membership to provide UX help to non-profit organizations.

Smaller non-profit organizations may not have budgets to pay for UX help, and the UXPA Boston membership has the expertise and drive to help them. Therefore, the Non-Profit Committee will partner teams of UXPA Boston members with non-profit organizations to provide UX design help. These will be advisory committees, with no specific deliverables expected, just advice. If committee members want to provide deliverables such as research, designs, or development, the non-profit organization should understand that these are volunteers, not employees, which the committee and the chair will self-regulate. The committee may also find other ways to give back to the non-profit community via events.


Annual Conference Committee

Organizing and running tasks to run the annual conference

The conference has grown to be a pretty significant event. It would benefit the organization to distribute the knowledge about running the conference and get many people to help with the many tasks. The conference committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Organizing the submission & reviewing process
  • Finding, choosing, & planning an appropriate venue
  • Facilitating the design and printing of conference material
  • Organizing day-of logistics


Marketing Committee

Ensure UXPA Boston members are kept up-to-date via all relevant channels.

Marketing to an organization with over 4000 members can be a challenge. Instead of relying on just one person to manage our social media, website, mailing lists, and other channels, a committee may manage these more efficiently. The Marketing Committee will work together to disperse the tasks associated with the channels, with the chairperson coordinating efforts and messaging.


Mentorship & New Practitioners Committee

Guide new UX practitioners via mentorship and information distribution.

As a professional organization, mentorship is a big part of our offering to members. However, we also often get requests for information about best breaking into the field. This committee will aim to pair mentors with mentees and ensure UXPA Boston is disseminating information to help new UX practitioners.


World Usability Day Committee

Coordinate & execute UXPA Boston’s annual participation in World Usability Day.

Each year, UXPA Boston will host an event celebrating World Usability Day. This committee will coordinate with the UXPA Boston board, WUD personnel, and the community to ensure our organization hosts a meaningful and informational event.


Volunteer and Member Experience Committee

Organize UXPA Boston’s volunteers and volunteer activities

We have many people who want to get involved with UXPA Boston, and we are happy to have their help. Organizing that many people, however, can be challenging. This committee will help to arrange all UXPA Boston members who want to volunteer for a committee, the conference, UX Fair, monthly meetings, and other events.