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UXPA Boston Board Nominee: Steph Orme

Currently serving as an active board member


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Steph Orme is a Boston-based UX Researcher and Research Manager at Key Lime Interactive, a UX consulting agency based out of Miami, Florida. She conducts and research end-to-end research for Fortune 500 companies, specializing in clients from the technology and entertainment industries.

She holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communications from Penn State University, Prior to working in UX, Steph spent 11 years as a college instructor at institutions throughout Boston, teaching and conducting research on the video game industry and player experience.

She first attended the UXPA Boston conference in 2022 and, after loving her experience and the UXPA Boston community, became interested in serving as a board member. She loves connecting with other UX professionals, especially junior or aspiring researchers looking for mentorship or advice on navigating their own UX careers.

When she’s not working, Steph is likely practicing tai chi or kung fu or playing video games.

When I am not designing you can find me enjoying time with the other things that I love; A nice smooth whiskey or bourbon (no peat please), a slobbered chew toy (proud dog dad), a dusty old barn (treasure hunter), the smell of dirt and fresh air (urban outdoors man), or running around with craziest and best little girl that I know (father of a sweet brown-eyed beauty). I also am a true New Englander at heart, so you can also find me at a game (Go Pats!), complaining about the weather, or tearing up the slopes of Loon.

Why join the UXPA Boston Board of Directors

I first attended UXPA Boston’s annual conference in 2022 and I had such a great time and the community was so inviting, I wanted to get more involved. I’ve been serving as an appointed member of the board for the past several months and have really enjoyed it so far. I hope to continue building on this momentum by remaining on the board and continuing to help run the conference and monthly speaking series (which I am in the process of revitalizing). Furthermore, given my prior background in higher ed, I think I am equipped to be an advocate and mentor for UXPA Boston’s population of students and young professionals, which are a substantial contingent of our community.