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UXPA Boston Board Nominee: Carolyn Pampino




Carolyn has over 20 years experience in a variety of UX roles from individual contributor to executive, delivering complex B2B solutions. She has worked in large (IBM) and mid-sized companies (Brightcove, Smartbear), with design teams as large as 105 to as small as 4 with the mission to create a practice. Most recently, she was hired with the mission to build a design practice. Upon starting in 2022, there were 6 members of the team in 2 countries. By 2024 the team grew to 29 people, covering all skills of design and technical writing. In the second year, the team delivered 2 new products to market with customers purchasing on the day the products became available. Those customers were members of a rapid research program Carolyn pioneered at a previous company. A firm believer in fast interactions of learning, making, and testing Carolyn brings both rapid research and agile practices to design teams. She strongly believes in balancing the themes of a healthy team, shared partnerships with product management, development and marketing, and a relentless focus on customer outcomes.

Why do you want to join the UXPA Boston

Mentoring and developing new generations of designers is a personal passion that I’d like to bring to UXPA. The theory we are taught can produce amazing results, and yet in many organizations it can be difficult to practice what we are taught. I believe in bringing practical approaches to work situations to influence a culture toward human centered principles. To do this, designers prosper when they understand the language of business as well as the constraint of agile sprints and date-driven delivery. As an advising board member, I’d seek to ensure designers are given the opportunity to learn more about the context in which they’re bringing their craft.

Volunteering information

I’ve primarily given my all at work, and am always available as a mentor, for anyone I’ve known, whether we work together or not.