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UXPA Boston Board Nominee: Jonathan Steinberg


I am a dynamic and results-driven design leader with over 17 years of professional experience in successfully architecting, designing, and deploying solutions for multi-million-dollar programs. I have an extensive background in client development and human-centric experience design and am committed to using innovative technology and leading methodologies to create disruptive solutions that empower our users. I come from a diverse background—from leading UX initiatives to running my own UI/UX agency to heading large scale ad campaigns, to developing native app experiences—that gives me a unique vantage point of the ever evolving and complex landscape of user-centered design. Through these experiences, I have explored the design realm from many different angles, and truly found my love in UX. By nature, I am a problem solver with a strong willingness to seek answers and I find joy in fitting together each piece of the puzzle to create the larger solution.

When I am not designing you can find me enjoying time with the other things that I love; A nice smooth whiskey or bourbon (no peat please), a slobbered chew toy (proud dog dad), a dusty old barn (treasure hunter), the smell of dirt and fresh air (urban outdoors man), or running around with craziest and best little girl that I know (father of a sweet brown-eyed beauty). I also am a true New Englander at heart, so you can also find me at a game (Go Pats!), complaining about the weather, or tearing up the slopes of Loon.

Why join the UXPA Boston Board of Directors

I am writing to express my strong interest in joining the Board of Directors for UXPA Boston. As an advocate for user experience (UX) design and a dedicated member of the UX community, I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to furthering the mission of UXPA Boston. With a passion for user experience design and a commitment to promoting collaboration and inclusion within the UX community, I believe I can make meaningful contributions to furthering UXPA Boston’s mission.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a dedication to creating intuitive, user-centric experiences across various platforms. I am particularly enthusiastic about fostering knowledge sharing and professional development opportunities for UX professionals in our region. I believe that serving on the Board of Directors for UXPA Boston would provide me with the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the local UX community. I would be honored to contribute to the planning and execution of events, workshops, and networking opportunities that promote learning and professional development.

I am committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the UX field and am eager to contribute to initiatives that advance these goals. I believe my skills and experiences align well with the objectives of UXPA Boston, and I am excited about the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals to elevate the UX community in our area.

Volunteering information

  • Board of Advisors: IBM Patterns Program (Continued Education for Design)
  • Board of Advisors: Design Management Guild
  • Member & Speaker: Design Eminence Guild
  • Mentor & Coach: IBM Design Community
  • Mentor & Team Lead: P-Tech Program (IBM)
  • Mentor:
  • Design Mentor:
  • Board of Directors: BrewNH