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World Usability Day 2023 Theme

The 2023 World Usability Day theme is “Collaboration and Cooperation.”

Our goal is to raise standards so that technology works to harness human potential. Every second Thursday in November, events occur around the world that brings together different communities to celebrate how we can make our world easy for all.

In order to solve the world’s biggest problems, we all have to work together. In 2023, we will focus on working together to create solutions, both globally and locally. Let’s connect our work to the big problems of our world and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

We are excited to announce our 2023 theme of “Collaboration and Cooperation.”

Now, more than ever we have to work together to solve our world’s biggest problems. Let’s break out of our silos! In 2023, we will direct our focus to collaborations and cooperative work that produces real-world solutions, together.

The goal of the World Usability Initiative (WUI) is to connect the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and the User Experience (UX) community and everyone who believes that great design is inclusive and usable by all, to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by establishing World Usability Day as an internationally observed day, listed on the United Nations calendar. Help us achieve this goal!

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