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Rosenfeld Media June/July Workshop Schedule

Our partner, Rosenfeld Media, has five incredibly impactful workshops over the next couple of months—ranging from leveraging AI and IA to data visualization, SaaS design, and DesignOps—that will help you scale up the impact of UX in your organization. And if you’re also looking for a conference, these workshops pair nicely with Enterprise UX 2023.

Register now for these workshops (unlike UXPA Boston’s monthly speaker series, these workshops have a registration cost).




Eggleston and Scott headshots
June 8 with Carol SmithDiscover tools that help UX practitioners design more impactfully, and embolden your team to avoid potential harm to protect people from misuse and abuse. 
June 8 with Bram Wessel and Gary CarlsonArms IA practitioners —from Senior Managers to the C-Suite—with better tools in order to solve modern-day, large-scale IA challenges. Also helps build internal support to unlock technology efficiencies, drive sustainable returns, and create better overall experiences for an enterprise’s customers, employees, and business units.


Jill Fruchter headshot
June 8 with Dan RosenbergLearn the key theory and practical methods underpinning UX data visualization and apply this knowledge to analyze and improve a real-world FinTech dashboard drawn from a specific case study.


June 26, 28, & 30 (3 segments) with Catt SmallLearn and practice techniques to become a more strategic SaaS designer. Catt Small, an industry-leading Staff Product Designer, will draw on her experience at Etsy, Soundcloud, and Asana to help you identify and navigate the political roadblocks that keep many designers stuck in the ideological playpen at SaaS companies.


July 12-13 (2 Segments) with Dave MaloufLearn the basics to develop a custom DesignOps strategy or practice and ensure its delivery and ongoing assessment. You’ll come away with clear methods and techniques to assess the needs of your design team, prioritize initiatives, sequence projects, and measure impact. You’ll leave prepared to understand better your design teams’ health, performance, and business and engagement models.