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Letter of introduction from new UXPA Boston president

Happy new year, everyone!

As we start a new year, I am thrilled to officially begin my term as the incoming president of the Boston chapter of UXPA and continue the efforts of our outgoing President, Bob Thomas. I also want to thank Lisa Spitz, concluding her tenure on the UXPA Boston board, for all her work and dedication in organizing our conference and our upcoming website redesign. Follow us for updates!

As president, I intend to promote the values of UX and its related professions while striving to learn more about how our chapter can empower a broad range of practitioners and teams. In addition, I plan to continue promoting a more comprehensive range of voices in our field and build more opportunities for mentorship and community-building.

With me is the rest of the UXPA Boston board:

  • Astrid Chow, Vice President
  • Chris Hass, Clerk
  • Susie Robson, Treasurer
  • Rich Le, Volunteer Director
  • Jessika Welch, Mentoring Director
  • Rachel Power, Monthly Meeting Director
  • Craig Cailler, Conference Director
  • Ankita Dutta, Website Director
  • James Vasquez, Marketing Director
  • Brady Bonus, Co-Conference, and Co-Mentoring Director

Join us on Slack

As our Slack community grows, I invite you to join the over 2,000 members there. Interested in joining?

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Looking to 2023

Through 2023, I plan to continue our work in fostering a community of user experience professionals and facilitating professional development and education within the UX field for the UXPA community in Boston.

As the year continues, look for the launch of the new website and announcements of upcoming events.

Speaking of events, we hope you join us next month to learn how to land your first UX job from leading UX pro Lori Yaverbaum as she shares her 20+ years of mentoring experience.

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Thank you,
Nick Di Stefano