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A Beginners Guide to Contextual Inquiry

Thanks to everyone who joined us the night of May 16 with Manny Ikomi for another session of our monthly speaker series.

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Manny shared with us a beginner’s guide to contextual inquiry with critical takeaways is a story-driven account of my first time conducting contextual inquiry research with key takeaways. In addition, I share how the Avatar film influenced my approach and some unique challenges I faced in a highly secure industrial environment.

You can view a recording on the UXPA Boston YouTube page if you missed the presentation.

You can also view a copy of his presentation deck here.

The deck also includes an appendix with links to resources and references used, including the article “Why Big Data Needs Thick Data” by Tricia Wang. For those interested in conducting a contextual inquiry at their workplace, we hope this helps convince stakeholders and clients why this research is essential.

Manny Ikomi (he/him) is a UX designer and researcher at IBM iX in Cambridge, MA. He’s a true cross-functional creative with experience in design, research, and web development. Manny is a new UX practitioner known for asking thoughtful questions, engaging in new opportunities, and his instinct for the human experience. You can find him tinkering with new tech, gayming, or roller-skating to finally get away from his desk when he’s not working!