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2022 UXPA International Salary Survey

UXPA International, in partnership with MeasuringU, is excited to share the 2022 UX Salary Survey Results.

  • Data was collected from July 2021 through March 2022.
  • 625 responses from 31 countries, with 72% of the responses coming from the US and 9% UK.
  • The median salary across all jobs is $109K, 15% higher than the 2018 UXPA report ($95K). But factoring inflation using constant 2021 dollars the median salary is about the same as it was in 2011.
  • The biggest factors that impact salaries are:
    • Where you live, US Northern California has the highest median ($179k) versus $95k in the US Mountain Region.
    • Job Level: Senior-level supervisors make almost 2x entry-level employees ($140K vs. $75K).
  • UX Managers make on average $150k, User Researchers $107k, Designers $115k.

Read the full report.

Thank you to everyone participating in the survey and MeasuringU for analyzing the data and preparing the report.