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2022 Conference Recap

UXPA Boston Board at 2022 Conference

Running a conference takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.

On Friday, October 14, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, we had 18 sponsors and over 640 attendees at our annual UXPA Boston Conference – our first in-person conference in over three years.

A big shout out to our attendees, sponsors, volunteers, group mentors, lunchtime table topic leaders, conference submission reviewers, and the UXPA Boston Board of Directors. You rock!

We had many highlights, including:

  • Over 640 attendees
  • 18 sponsors
  • 42 sessions, including:
    • Group Mentoring session
    • Lunchtime Table Topics session
    • Ten-Minute Talks session
  • 68 speakers
  • Over 80 volunteers and contributors

This year we decided to recruit five thought leaders in the UX field, who curated five tracks for our conference:

  1. “Career Development and Personal Growth,” curated by Darren Hood
  2. “Design for Belonging,” curated by Amy Bucher
  3. “Design in Society,” curated by Rachael Dietkus
  4. “Strategy and UX Entrepreneurship,” curated by Susan Rice
  5. “User Research” curated by Meena Kothandaraman

All the work that went into the reviews and curation of the conference submissions resulted in 40 first-time presenters (out of 68 total) at the conference.

The networking at the event was fantastic. It was wonderful catching up with old friends and making new ones. I hope everyone enjoyed the conference as much as I did.

Our UXPA Boston community is vital. We will continue planning new events, including monthly meetings and annual conferences. But we need your help.

Reach out to us at and let us know how you can contribute to this great community of ours, which now has over 4,000 members.