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Richard Le
Volunteer Coordinator: 2021- ; Board Member: 2021–


Design is my craft. I enjoy not only the practice but the philosophy of design. Although I am excited about how design has been evolving in the world, there are consideration we need to take into account in ensure a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world.

I am trying to drive more momentum behind DEI in the design field by attacking this using a longitudinal approach when we think about pathways to design driven organizations. I intend on leveraging UXPA’s platform to further this initiative.

Why do you want to join the UXPA Boston Board?

UXPA has a powerful platform that can influence multiple facets of our industry. It touches everyone from new designers to seasoned designers, and even non-designer professionals. You know what we are missing though? People who may have considered design but have not been activated yet in the pursuit of such a career. What might a person who has talent but no resources need to break into the field?

One thing I would do as a board member is push initiatives to extend UXPA’s touchpoints out to youth in high school and college students. I want to get design in people’s minds early to create a diverse “supply”.

Downstream I will create pathways for people who will create positive change to take positions that can actually affect change in our industries to create “demand”.

Perhaps my answers aren’t as simple as “I want to work on the website” or “do social media”. These things are important, but if I haven’t made it clear, I am mission driven. I intend on changing our industry. If you believe in the things I mentioned, please consider voting for me.

Previous volunteer experience

– Currently doing work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in design.

– UXPA Volunteer

– UXPA Speaker

– Founded and ran non-profit serving high-risk youth