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13 March, 2010

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How to be a Usability Star – The UX Public Speaking Toolkit

When it comes to advancing your career, public speaking might just be the #1 skill that can help you get noticed.  And yet for most of us, presenting in front of an audience inspires ambivalence at best, and outright panic at worst. The goal of this workshop is to help novice speakers develop a strategy for using presentation skills for persuasion and self-promotion.  We will borrow some tips from the Toastmasters International program to battle common fears and build confidence to deliver useful and usable presentations.

The workshop will cover all aspects of preparing and delivering effective professional presentations, including:

  •  Ideas – finding something to talk about
  • Presentation Design – pretty slides and other controversies
  • Rehearsal – how to prepare, and how much
  • Delivery – showmanship and timing
  • Evaluation – judge and be judged
  • Practice… makes perfect – where to do it.

Since this is a public speaking workshop, each section will incorporate short exercises to get you up and speaking. If you have presentation ideas and would like feedback or are looking for co-presenters, bring your ideas to the session.

Eva Kaniasty received her Master’s from the Bentley HFID program in May 2007. She gave her first professional presentation that same year at the Boston UPA mini-conference.  Since then, she has spoken at the Boston UPA conference each year, delivered a presentation about Web Analytics at the 2009 national UPA conference in Portland, and prides herself on speaking virtually every day. Eva is currently employed at SimpleTuition, a local financial services startup, as Director of Information Architecture.


The event is hosted at Bentley college. Breakfast coffee and snacks will be provided.  Attendees are not required to bring a computer. Some aspects of the workshop will be hands-on and interactive.