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07 November, 2018
Rapid7, 1 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142

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Please join us for our monthly meeting at Rapid7. 

1. Security and UX: Making the Digital World Safer, One Experience at a Time

Gwen Betts, Director – User Experience

User experience is often a forgotten piece in the broader information security puzzle. Security is difficult, especially for the average person, and many carry the expectation that it’s already baked into the day-to-day software products they use. This isn’t always the case. What’s more, products often sacrifice a good user experience in the name of security. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Security and UX can coincide happily together with just a small shift in thinking. This minified talk will include discuss design principles and UI best practices to help guide members involved in the security process get quick wins.


2. Facilitating Design Thinking in Rapid7

Ranjan Bhattarai, Sr. Manager – Experience Design

The talk will focus on how UX team members have used various design thinking techniques across Rapid7 to help cross-functional team think holistically about the problem, build empathy with each and other and for the customers we serve. The talk will highlight learnings and tips. Our hope is that it will be useful to the larger UX practitioners.


3. My Introduction to the World of UX

Kirsten Johnson, PhD, User Experience Research Intern

Joining the world of UX is exhilarating but it also comes with its set of challenges. During the talk, you’ll hear all about a young researcher’s first few months in UX – what her experience was like, how it was a change from academia, and how she knows it’s exactly where she wants to be.


4. Why process is worth it

Oriana Ott, User Experience Researcher

A quick conversation about why we’re building UX process, what makes it worthwhile, and what has been working for us.


5. Meeting Your Customers Where They Are (Literally)

Amanda Parkin, Sr. User Experience Researcher

Sharing our efforts to meet customers where they are physically – user groups are something the marketing team has always done, but it was a missed opportunity to not include a feedback component in the past. I’ll talk about how we use a 45-60 minute time slot to gather feedback and bring that back to the product teams, as well as share added benefits of this in person time with the customers.


6. Joining Quantitative and Qualitative Measurements for Hidden User Insights

Travis Turney, Product Adoption Manager

Measuring product adoption and user engagement is common tool for B2C UX programs but is relatively novel for B2B UX teams. Combining traditional measurements of sentiment (including System Usability Score) and task prioritization with actual product usage can provide new insights for product teams to better identify user needs both expressed and unexpressed. J. Travis Turney, MBA, Dr. Kirsten Johnson, PhD, and Dr. Mengjiao Li, PhD (ABD) from the Rapid7 UX Research team will share a method they developed to measure and classify customers by domain specific maturity to identify and measure relationships between qualitative user sentiment and high-level product usage metrics.


  • 6:30 – 7 PM – Networking and Refreshments (food will be served)
  • 7 – 7:15 PM – Introductions
  • 7:15 – 8:15 PM – Presentations
  • 8:15 PM – Q&A

Thank you to our generous sponsor Rapid7!

About Rapid7

Rapid7 is trusted by IT and security professionals around the world to manage risk, simplify modern IT complexity, and drive innovation. Rapid7 analytics transform today’s vast amounts of security and IT data into the answers needed to securely develop and operate sophisticated IT networks and applications. Rapid7 research, technology, and services drive vulnerability management, application security, incident detection and response, and log management for more than 7,000 organizations across more than 120 countries, including 52% of the Fortune 100.


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