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Nick Di Stefano

I’m fascinated by the intersection of design, technology, and people. I‘m a design leader with over ten years of experience. I am currently part of Humana’s Experience Center, an internal innovation and incubation team that believes the best care experiences are created when people come together.

I’m passionate about improving the lives of others and constantly looking to learn new things. My focus has been on helping organizations expand their capacity for impact by integrating design and people-centered practices into their digital and agile transformation efforts. 

As a Boston native, community has always been important to me. I like to give back as much as I can with my free time, whether that means mentoring or volunteering.

I came into UX from a background in art history and public and installation art. Public art taught me how design impacts people and how they view their environment, each other, and themselves. Teaching sailing to people with various physical and cognitive abilities instilled an interest in accessibility and inclusive design.

I started with many “this is the internet” conversations and helped organizations reframe how they interact with people, translate or expand their experiences into a digital space, or use digital tools to enhance their in-person experiences. 

I enjoy untangling complex systems and collaborating across disciplines to create measurable change. I’m passionate about building strong team cultures, creating thoughtful products, and advocating for DEI in tech. The best part got me is working through people and process problems to help drive positive change. I love learning about the different pieces of a problem space and how they connect. 

I’m thrilled to start my term as the incoming president of the Boston chapter of UXPA. I intend to promote the values of UX and its related professions while striving to learn more about how our Boston chapter can empower a broad range of practitioners and teams. I plan to build bridges to other organizations in our community, continue promoting a more comprehensive range of voices in our field, and build more opportunities for mentorship and community-building.