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UXPA Boston Registration
UXPA Boston Breakfast

Dan Berlin Welcome & Opening Remarks

Chris Reckling; Carrie Lloyd Purpose Before Action – Why you need a Design Language System
Jennifer Briselli Interactive Journey Maps: Take your design & strategy deliverables to the next level!
Brandon Ward In Case of Emergency, Break Taboo
Amanda l Stockwell Securing the right research participants

Rolf Molich CPUX – A Serious (and Usable?) European Attempt at Certifying UX Professionals
Tania Schlatter; Derek Murphy; Julian Gautier; Benjamin Basseches 10-Minute Talks – Curated
Jennifer Smith 5 essential art history lessons for UX & UI designers
Martha Nichols; Jen Kramer Battling the Blah-Blah-Blahs: 7 Tips for Making Websites Readable
Aaron Hatley; Neha Raghuvanshi; Yogesh Moorjani; Hilary Dwyer; Priya Shetye; Whitney Roan; Timothy Hicks Drawing Insights: Bringing Co-Creation to an Enterprise Context
Jennifer Bullard; Carol Sadowsky Bergantino; Taylor Hayward Elevate your UX Team to Superhero Status by Forging a Guild

Danielle Cooley You Keep Using That Word… On the need for a shared vocabulary in UX
Caryn Gallis; Yuling An; Lija Hogan Design Sprints in the corporate world. Shorter sprints, remote testing, and other real-world adaptations
Yogesh Moorjani You don’t need to ask that – Anticipatory Design to create smart, delightful user experiences"
UXPA Boston Mentoring Session #1
Jennifer Siegel; Hoshedar Bamji; Sean Higgins 10-Minute Talks – Students
Jennifer Otto; Paul Sisler; Yina Li Turchetti Building Your Benchmark: How to Measure UX for Product Impact Over Time

UXPA Boston Lunch
UXPA Boston Table Topics

Rolf Molich; Steve Krug; Jen McGinn; Elizabeth Rosenzweig; Carol M. Barnum Takeaways from CUE-10: A Hands-On Comparative Study of Experienced Usability Test Moderators
Kelly Moeller; Bryn Schockett The Wallflower's Guide to Selling Your Soft Skills (or To Surviving Behavioral Interviews)
Kay Aubrey; Stuart Robertson Using Qualitative Data Analysis Tools to Create a Virtual Tapestry of your Organization’s UX Research
Jessica Holt-Carr; Weiwei Huang Through Their Eyes: Using VR to Simulate Retinal Diseases
Lisa deBettencourt Hope is not a method: How improving diversity in your design team makes better products and what you can do about it

UXPA Boston Mentoring Session #2
Ben Kertman; Liz Harris; Dan Zollman 10-Minute Talks – Curated
Elizabeth Quigley; Hilary Dwyer Research is a team sport! Implementing an interviewing workshop to raise customer empathy
Peter McNally User Research with People with Disabilities: What you Need to Know
Ethan Perry; Kristina Beckley Digital whiteboarding and other techniques for remote collaboration and ideation
Kathi Kaiser How Designers Can Make the World a Happier Place

UXPA Boston Coffee Break

Karen Bachmann Listen up! Improving your listening skills and awareness
Daniel Lachapelle Sponsored Session – Redefine Your Redesign: How to Make the Most of Big Swings
Stuti Jhaveri; Margot Lieblich; Louise Padilla; Amanda Holmes; Cameron Brown-Cross 10-Minute Talks – Students
Elaine Li The Art of Information: A Guide to Data Visualization Design
Shanae Ullman; Farah Bernier; Nathan Kituuma; Matthew Laurence; Hema Seshadri; Anoush Najarian Design & Diversity: Why does this matter and what can we do?

Tom Tullis; Chris Hass; Mike Fritz; Elizabeth Rosenzweig; Meena Kothandaraman Qual vs. Quant: The Ultimate Smackdown!
Mark Miller Introduce Accessibility to your Organization by Inspiring Behavioral Changes
Lara Cavezza; Lindsay Matthews Turning Designers Into Data Nerds
Lisa Otto Participatory Paradigm Shifts: Workshop Methods to Design Innovative Products and Services

Lis Pardi; Erin Freeburger Sketching and Designing Your Career Path
Mahima Pushkarna Learning Machine Learning: Implications for Design and UX
Bill Gribbons The Fracturing of the Experience Movement
Zarla Ludin Origin Stories for Personas: Positioning and Purpose of the Pervasive Design Tool
Amy Bucher Research + Psychology = Magic: How to Plan and Analyze Research with the COM-B Model of Behavior Change

UXPA Boston Cocktail Hour