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UXPA Boston Breakfast Survey

UXPA Boston Meet & Greet Survey

Dan Berlin UX: The Serendipitous Career Survey

Beth Loring Usability Validation Testing of Medical Devices and Software Survey
Julie Rodriguez Data Visualizations That Expand Your Visual Literacy Survey
David Juhlin UX Strategy Starts With Business Strategy Survey
Mike Ryan; Chris LaRoche; Katherine Wahl; Chris Hass; Margy Bergel Practical Accessibility: Advice From the Front Lines Survey
Jacqueline Stetson-Pastore; Kelly Moeller The Wallflower’s Guide to Networking IRL Survey

Ifat Yaakobi Designing For Multitasking and Interruption-Intensive Environments Survey
Jonathan Abbett Behavior-Driven Scenarios for UX Teams Survey
Jackie Denmark; Riley Conrath Are You Incorporating Metrics Into Your Journey Maps? Well You Should Be. Survey
Eva Kaniasty You Can Have It Both Ways: Fast and Unbiased Usability Research Survey
UXPA Boston Mentoring Survey

Steve Krug Questioning Picture-in-Picture: Why Showing the Participant May Not Be Such a Great Idea After All Survey
Ranjan Bhattarai Mini-SPRINT: Arriving at High Quality Design Solutions in a Day Survey
Chi Pham Go Beyond Digital: Elevate Your UX with Service Design Thinking Survey
UserZoom; Andrea Peer Sponsored Session: Make User Experience part of the KPI conversation with Universal Measures Survey
10-minute talks
Kristen Arakelian Extraordinary Connections: 5 Ways To Leverage Relationships To Build Better User Research Survey
Mary Beth Raven Starting and Running a Customer Design Advisory Board Survey
Nathalie Baudrand Featherweight Design Sprint: How to tame a feature-sized problem in 4 hours Survey

UXPA Boston Lunch Survey
UXPA Boston Table Topics Survey

Katherine Bailey Baffled By Brilliance: Machine Learning as the Next Great UX Challenge Survey
Carol Sadowsky Bergantino; Jennifer Bullard UX Neat Agile Chaser – Your Step-By-Step Guide For Blending UX and Agile in a Busy Development Organization Survey
Melanie St James; Erin Freeburger; Heather Wright Karlson Experimenting with New Research Techniques Survey
Colin MacArthur Best Check Yourself! Dealing With Cognitive Biases in User Research Survey
UXPA Boston Advanced Table Topics & Career Networking Roundtables Survey

Zarla Ludin; Meena Kothandaraman Techniques to Ease Non-Researchers into Raw Data Analysis Survey
Amy Bucher; Steven Schwartz The Art and Science of Applying Behavioral Economics to Digital Health Design Survey
Gary Aussant Operationalizing Website Accessibility: A Strategic Approach to Employing Universal Design Principles Within Your Organization Survey
iMotions; Becky Johnson Sponsored Session: Using Eye Tracking and Biometric Sensors in UX Research Survey

UXPA Boston Coffee Break Survey

Hilary Whitehead Using Frameworks to Manage Ethnographic Data Survey
Rachel Roppolo; Katelyn Hurley Designing in Healthcare for High Stress Situations Survey
Kristin Zibell Find the Right Metrics for UX ROI: Identifying the Best Data to Show the Business Value of the Design Survey
UXPA Boston Mentoring Survey
10-minute talks:
Calvin Arterberry; Sunish Gupta 3 Secrets of Accessibility Survey
Paul Sisler Push It Real Good: Pushing Our Team and Design With 3D Touch Survey
Jonathan Ericson The UX of Virtual Reality: A Practical Guide to Immersive Experience Design Survey

Jennifer Fabrizi; Chris Chiusano; Jen McGinn; Sarah Bloomer; Luis Valencia Make it Fast: Delivering UX Research to Agile Teams Survey
Sandy Hilfiker UX Design for Vets Survey
Mary Ziegler Online Learning and Accessibility: Users as Learners Survey
Malini Rao The Pragmatic Designer’s 'OCD' Approach to UX Design Practice Survey
Student 10-minute talks:
Mack Cameron Design with Dice: What Can Tabletop Games Teach Us About UX? Survey
Flavia Stoian Designing for Entrepreneurship in The Slums of Johannesburg Survey
Martina Moyne The Importance of UX Design in Design Education Research Survey

Donna Lichaw Closing Keynote – Story First: Building Products That Engage Survey

UXPA Boston Cocktail Hour Survey