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UXPA Boston Registration & Breakfast

UXPA Boston Meet & Greet

Dan Berlin Welcome & Using Your Psychologist Voice

Beth Ames Altringer Design as Strategy: Ways of thinking about designing for desirability
Liz Burton, Michael Kennedy, & Victoria Morville You Want Me to What? A Practical Guide to Diary Studies
Jen Briselli & Marli Mesibov What’s so Smart about Intelligent Content?
Cornelius Rachieru Designers are from Mars, BAs are from Venus

Scott Faranello Patterns, Properties, and Principles of Good UX Design
John Wyatt, Mark Traietti, Soussan Djamasbi UX & Predictive ROI
Mariya Sitnova Designing for the Connected Home
Susan Mercer The Researcher's Quandry: Keeping Personal Beliefs Out of Research (Panel)
UXPA Boston Mentoring Session #1

Shanfan Huang In-Browser Prototyping for Designers
Clara Cahill, Ben Wilson, Michael Horvath, & Leigh Ann Mesiti Thinking Beyond Usability: Testing for Multiple Design Goals
Mark Ferencik Deeply Embedding UX Practices Into Your Organization by Grafting them Into Your Agile Process
Michael Pullen Empowering HiPPOs:Working with the highest paid person with an opinion
Mary Gribbons How to talk to your kids – or coworkers! – about UX
Rick Damaso You Built Behavioral Personas, Now What?
Jacqueline Stetson-Pastore & Kelly Moeller The Wallflower’s Guide To Rocking A Presentation

UXPA Boston Lunch
UXPA Boston Table Topics

Rich Newman User Interface Design for Medical Devices – The Relationship Between Usability and Safety
Heather Bauer Form & Function for Menus: How to Get IA and Navigation Right
Mike Ryan Don't Panic! How to perform an accessibility evaluation with limited resources
Kimberly Dowd & Jen Briselli Research & Design: Finding the Perfect Blend
Farah Abu-Arja MedEd: a platform to facilitate the communication between doctors and patients
Rebecca Q Walker Localizing Happiness
Greg Hamilton Visitor experience observations and recommendations at the MFA
Abu-Arja,Walker, & Hamilton 10 Minute Talks – Students

Rob Gifford, Joshua Klapow, Maggie Gram, Ann Kimura, Jim Williams Designing for Behavior Change: New Models, New Directions (Panel)
Gregory Raiz Why your design team can't move the needle
Zarla Ludin & Meena Kothandaraman Dethroning Research Methods: Reflective Alternatives to Study Design
Julie Casanave & Kerry Holeman Introducing the Lab Notebook: A tool for managing a LEAN UX process
UXPA Boston Mentoring Session #2

UXPA Boston Coffee Break

Chauncey Wilson, Serena Chechile Doyle, Mary Beth Raven, & JoAnne Hubbard Your Company's Annual Conference: Boon or Bust for UX? (Panel)
Jeremy Kriegel Fast Foundation Workshop: Setting Your Project Up For Success
Maria Matveeva How to uncover hidden assumptions
Craig Lordan & John Lance The 'User Experience First' Developer
UXPA Boston Career Networking: Fast & Slow

Malini Rao Ace UX hiring with applied design thinking
Lauryn Smith 5 Checkout Optimization Lessons
Becky Minervino & Nancy Emerson What’s Worse: A Root Canal or Selecting Health Insurance? Fidelity's Approach to Making Health Insurance Easier for Everyone
Andrew Schall IA Issues? Online Card Sorting is Not Enough
Eva Kaniasty Putting Lipstick on UX Feedback
Dan Sloat Sleeping with a Dummy-Tummy
Sunish Gupta Busting the myths of accessibility using the AxMax system
Kaniasty,Gupta, & Sloat 10 Minute Talks – Research

Chauncey Wilson Closing Keynote – Humor, Lamentations, and Reflections: My 40-Year UX Journey

UXPA Boston Cocktail Hour