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Eva Kaniasty Opening Keynote: Don't Fear the Research!

Lis Pardi In Defense of the Floppy Disk: The Vocabulary of the Interface
Laura Dove & Stephen Reinach Lightweight Journey Mapping: The Rewards of Customer Driven Narratives
Minmin Yang How to Visualize Quantitative Data from User Research
Vijay Hanumolu Content First Approach – Similarities Between UX & Content Strategy and Why They Both Should be Tightly Coupled
Medullan Coping with Complexity in Health Care: Enabling Sense-Making Through Great UX

Alfred Kahn & Pete Wasserman Driving B2B Innovation & Product Development Using Collaborative UX Research Techniques
Mary Ann Petti UX Research with Limited Literacy Audiences: Tips and Case Studies
Ania Rodriguez, Rick Damaso, Jonathan Knopf Modern Day Attitudinal Tracking: How to Use a Mood Meter to Get Real-Time Moments of Truth During Think-Aloud Protocol
Shaun Wolf Wortis & Meng Yang How to Drive Great Design in Organizations (Small and Very Very Large)
Shannon McHarg & Chauncey Wilson Lightning Debates on Controversial UX Topics

Bill Gribbons Faulty by Design: A Psychological Examination of User Decision Making
Jennifer Smith Typography: The Key to Your Visual Information Hierarchy
Henry Hernandez III Doing the Whole Mobile Usability Research Thing
Kristen Deveau Wear Your Words: Wearables & Speech Design

Sarah Bloomer Culture Eats UX Teams for Breakfast
Jennifer Chaffee & Rachel Sengers Delicious Design: UXers & Visual Designers Collaborating Together
Laura Brelsford & Sarah Horton Involving People with Disabilities in User Research to Guide Accessibility Activities
Marli Mesibov Meeting At the Intersection of Content Strategy & UX Design
Mad*Pow Personas: The Cause of and Solution to All of Life's Problems

Joshua Ledwell Getting to Done Usably: User Experience Acceptance Criteria on Agile Projects
John Chin & David Philbin Customer Pain Points for Blind & Low Vision Users: Debunking Myths to Avoid Being Blind Sided
Emily Chu & Meena Kothandaraman Discussion Guides: Getting to Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink
Manuel Ebert Sartre & the Lab Monkey: What Philosophy and Neuroscience Can Teach Us About UX
10-minute talks (students):
Tina Chou A Game for Building Trust and Communication Skills
Beth Hadley Creation of an Accessible Nurse Call System with an iPad App
Wayne Hosley Changing a Life:Impactful Designs for Sick Children
Taliesin Smith Ramp It Up! An Action Based Guide for Creating Accessible Websites

Kyle Soucy Whoa! Did You See That?
Roxanne Chang, Kenny Kutney, James Smell, Consuelo Valdes A Case Study on Balancing Beauty and Security in Healthcare Enterprise Software
Paul Berger & Mike Fritz Predictive Analytics Using Usability and Survey Data: Yes We Can!
Cory Costantino Invent to Present
10-minute talks (Taboo UX: Bathroom UX):
Eva Kaniasty Microinteractions in the Bathroom and Beyond
Marli Mesibov Traveling UX Adventures
Joan Wortman To Pee or Not to Pee… The is the Question

Ronnie Battista Big Love: The Case for Conscious Coupling in UX Strategy
Dolores Anoli, Colleen Beaton, Colleen Campbell Designing For & Testing with Seniors
Sarah Bloomer Panel: Growing Pains – Lessons Learned in Growing a UX Team
10-minute talks (curated):
Miranda Hunt Search in the New Black: How Millennials Find Information Online
Dani Nordin Documenting Design Patterns for Cross-Functional Teams
Greg Raiz Shaping Organizations Through User Experience
Mike Ryan #HamburgerWars

Jared Spool Closing Keynote: Design is a Team Sport