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Eva Kaniasty  Lightning Keynote: Let's Take Over the World!

Whitney Quesenbery Personas for Accessible UX
Andrew Schall Eye Tracking the Mobile User Experience
Dorothy Shamonsky Touch Gestures on Large Displays: The Pleasure and the Pain – A Case Study
Andrew Yip Everybody Wins: How to Collaborate with Engineers and Product Managers

Meena Kothandaraman & Emily Chu (UN)Focus Groups: Uncovering Motivations with Innovative Research Techniques
Ben Salinas Make it Real: Designing with Data
James Christie "I Feel the Need the Need for Speed: Optimizing the User Experience"
Heather O'Neill The Emergency Content Strategy Survival Kit

Diana DeMarco Brown UX Strategy Exists, But What Is It? (Panel)
Michele Marut & Duncan Wannamaker Beyond Personas: Creating an Immersive Customer Experience
Amy Bucher Motivate Your User: Design Psychology
Collen Roller Insights on Research Design

Dana Chisnell & Whitney Quesenbery Intercept Them in the Wild: Recruiting Hard-to-Find Participants for User Research
Carolyn Snyder & Amy Rizzico Responsive Applications: Lessons Learned
Sandra Teare & Eric Schoeberlein Designing an Elegant Solution to a Complex Healthcare Problem: A case study in User-Centered Design and rapid HTML prototyping for a patient care documentation tool
Joshua Ledwell Collaborative Product Owning: Inviting Users into the Agile Process

Jeremy Kriegel Consensus that 'Sticks'
Susan Mercer Beyond Just Usability: Measuring Usefulness & Desirability
Jessamyn Miller Visual Notetaking
Bill Gribbons Disruption or Innovation: The Role of UX Research and Design

Tom Tullis Means, Confidence Intervals, and Error Bars (Oh my!)"
Fiona Tranquada & Scott Williams Salvage Your Usability Session! Practical Tips for Moderators
Jennifer Smith Visual Design Essentials for User Interface and User Experience Professionals
Kory Checca Driving UX from Strategy to Execution

Greg Raiz 10 Essential Details for Great Mobile Experiences
Kirk Doggett & Kate Lawrence #flashtest: User Research Live
Charles Bellantone Trust, Distrust, and the User Experience: Guidelines with Examples
Azilah Baker Click here! Tap here! Using Chalkmark for Adaptive Design Testing and Excel for Analysis

Lou Rosenfeld Seeing the Elephant: Defragmenting User Research