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Author(s) Presentation

Eva Kaniasty Opening Remarks

Emily Rawitsch Making a Place for Visual Design in the UX World
Margot Bloomstein Whoa Nellie! Content Strategy for Pacing UX
Susan Mercer Moderating to the Max: Refining Your Moderating & Interviewing Skills
Beth Loring & James Rudolph Watch the Sterile Field! Conducting Research in the OR

Colin Butler & Andrew Wirtanen The Collaborative UX Professional's Toolkit
Meng Yang & Dory Azar Visual Communication in User Experience Research
Kelly Moeller & David Leech Portfolios: Show Your Persona-lity!
Laura Bowden Usability Testing on Mobile Devices – No More Excuses
Andrew Mottaz Lean UX: Creating a Shared Understanding Between UX and Developers (Sponsored)

Jennifer Fabrizi The Shoemaker's Son Needs Shoes: Designing a User Experience Practice Within the Enterprise Setting
Jason Stehle Lean Prototyping
Harlan Weber Design for America: Your Country Needs UX!
Sandy Hilfiker & Stacy Robison Involving Users with Limited Literacy Skills in Co-Creation of Digital Health Information and Interactive Tools: Notes from the Field
Wilkey Wong Putting the Pieces Together: Synchronization, Analysis, and Presentation of Eye Tracking and Complementary Data Streams (Sponsored) Presentation

Mark Ainscow & Todd Flanagan A Collaborative Method of Leveraging Technical Support Data – From Constructing a Robust Workflow to Measuring Customer Experience
Smitha Prasadh Intercultural Design
Cory Lebson Challenges and Rewards of Being a UX Consultant: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
Jen McGinn, Steve Krug, & Diana DeMarco Brown User Research for Agile Design & Development

Dana Giuliana & Aaron Thornburgh The Tools of the Trade
Krish Mandal & Karissa Wingate Toward Universal Design: Accounting for Accessibility
Jeremy Kriegel Graphic Facilitation with Wireframes
Emily Bowden & Rebecca Pineault Healthcare Under Pressure: Redefining Service Expectations

Vijay Hanumolu & Joanna Proulx Designing Voice First (aka Screenless) User Experience
Nick Snyder & Annette Arabasz Responsive Design Process: Building the Real Web 2.0
Donna Tedesco & Fiona Tranquada Expecting the Unexpected: Preparing for Successful User Research Sessions
Dharmesh Mistry The Journey to Build a More Usability Toolbar for Drupal 8

Raman Hansi & Alissa Briggs Love Potion #3: Help Your Team Fall in Love with UX
Adam Connor Discussing Design: The Art of Critique
Diana DeMarco Brown Agile UX Success Factors and How To Influence Them
Tammy Sachs Getting to Know the Newly Mobile Senior Set

Aaron Powers How to Calculate the Value of UX with Standard Financial Models
Jared Spool Building a Winning UX Strategy Using the Kano Model
Susan Rice & Lisa Spitz Turn Your Stakeholders Into Data Collectors to Uncover Key Testing Results… Quickly
Dan Berlin Beyond Eye Tracking: Bringing Biometrics to Usability Research