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What do I need to bring the day of the conference?

For the most part you need only bring yourself. You do not need to bring your registration receipt since we can check you in just with an ID.

Laptops, notebooks and other note-taking equipment are allowed and Wi-Fi Internet access is available free of charge. A majority of the presentation rooms feature seating arranged in a lecture format, so expect to keep note-taking materials on your lap.

What should I wear?

A majority of presenters and participants will be dressed in business casual attire. Suits and other formal attire are rare. Conference space is air-conditioned but popular sessions are sometimes crowded, so temperatures throughout the day can vary. If you are likely to be chilly in an air-conditioned space or hot in a crowded space, layered clothing may be a good idea.

What is there to eat?

Breakfast (bagels, muffins, drinks), snacks (healthy and sugary), and a box lunch (two sandwich choices and one vegetarian option) will be provided with your registration. A late afternoon cocktail hour networking event will offer additional drinks (water, sodas, a variety of wines, beers, and liquors) and snacks (crackers, cookies and desserts) at no additional charge. If you have dietary restrictions feel free to bring your own food or notify the conference organizers ahead of time and accommodations will be made to the best of our ability. All attendees are free to bring snacks, food, etc. as they prefer.

How can I stay hydrated throughout the day?

The conference space will feature both built-in water fountains and strategically-placed water coolers from which you may draw water freely. Cups (but not bottles) will be provided. If you are ecologically-minded, feel free to bring your own reusable bottle.