The Call for Proposals for the 2020 UXPA Boston User Experience conference is now open!

To submit a proposal, please create an account on the SoftConf website via the submission link below.

After creating your account and logging in, click the “Make a new submission” link to start your submission.

Due Dates

  • Proposal submissions due: January 26, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST EXTENDED!  February 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Proposal acceptance notification: Mid-February
  • Final Presentation materials due: Late April
  • Conference date: May 29, 2020

Submission Topics

We are looking for both general and advanced submissions for all UX topics from both new and experienced practitioners. Practical topics that give attendees takeaways that they can use in their User Experience careers are encouraged.

Advanced submissions should assume that attendees have 3-5 years experience as practitioners. These submissions should skip the basics and get right to the subject at hand. Such advanced topics may include:

  • Statistics and quantitative measures
  • Metrics and analytics
  • UX Strategy
  • Information Visualization
  • Enterprise software and applications
  • Large-scale, unmoderated usability testing
  • Effective research reporting
  • Organizational management and change
  • Content Strategy

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by at least 3 volunteer reviewers. The results of these reviews will be compiled and used by the conference committee when determining the conference program. We have documented the review process, if you care to know more.

All sessions are 45 minutes; this includes time for Q&A.

Here are some ideas to help you think of a submission topic:

  • Case studies and success stories
  • Presentation skills
  • Usability “disasters” and how to prevent them
  • Getting noticed as a usability professional
  • Starting up a usability program
  • Tools, tips and techniques for consultants
  • Research topics and advancements in methods
  • Method validation
  • Agile and extreme usability techniques
  • Reasons usability fails (timetable, budget, personality, utility)
  • Fitting usability into the product lifecycle
  • “Out of the box” presentations
  • How to hire a usability specialist: what do they do?
  • Difficulties in working with UI professionals
  • Client perspective of usability-related issues
  • How usability relates to other disciplines
  • ROI – Getting your money’s worth from a usability professional

Other ideas are welcome!

Submission Types


Present ideas and experiences related to user experience methods, skills, philosophy, design or other relevant, controversial, emerging, or unresolved issues. Conference admission fee waived for one presenter.


Panels feature three or four people presenting their opposing ideas and experiences. Panels may be conducted in several ways, such as comparative, analytic, or historic. Conference admission fee waived for the panel moderator.


Demonstration of a research or design technique with audience participation. For example: a design critique, an online card sorting run-through & analysis discussion, a moderating techniques demo, or a visual meeting. Conference admission fee waived for one session leader.


The Out-of-the-Box category is for presentations that do not fit into the other categories. These sessions may consist of activities like ten-minute talks, debates, brainstorming activities. Individuals/groups who have a method or topic they want to experiment with are invited to submit an abstract in this category. Conference admission fee waived for one session leader.

Ten-Minute Talk

Whether you are new to presenting at conferences or have a talk in mind that isn’t quite a full 45-minutes, ten-minute talks give you an outlet. Submitters should describe a single ten-minute talk; these will be curated into the sessions by UXPA Boston. Ten-minute talks should fall into one of three categories:

  • Student submissions – for students only
  • Taboo UX – the unspoken areas of UX
  • Curated – any topic

Frequently Asked Submission and Presentation Questions

  • How many submissions can I make for the Call for Proposals?
    • You can submit up to two (2) items for this year’s Call for Proposals. These can be any two types of presentation formats.
  • How many submissions can I be on as a second presenter or panelist?
    • In total, you can be on no more than two (2) submissions in total. That means if you submit two individual talks, you cannot be listed as a second presenter or panelist on any other submission. If you only submit one response to the CFP, then you can be listed on one other submission as a panelist/second presenter.
  • What are some things that I need to consider as an attendee of the conference?
  • Do you pay for speaker travel and accommodations?
    • UXPA Boston welcomes anyone and everyone to submit to our CFP. Our conference has exploded in popularity over the last 19 years; our submission pool continually grows for only 35 spots each conference, and we are more than thrilled to have people from all over the globe attend, present, and learn with us. UXPA Boston’s primary goal as a not-for-profit 501c6 organization is to support our local practitioners and job seekers with myriad programs, connections, and job opportunities while trying to keep overall costs to members low related to our expenses. As we strive to continue with that mission, at this time, we are unable to provide funds for speaker travel or an honorarium for your presentation. We are constantly evaluating our process and policies, and looking to make changes as we, and the industry as a whole, grow. If you have any questions about this, please email

If you have any other questions about submissions, please contact the submission committee.

Good luck, and we look forward to your fantastic submissions!