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Time Room 1 (Ballroom) Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
9:15AM-10AM Mobile & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm (Jared Spool) Tree Testing and the Future of Browsing E-Commerce Sites: A Case Study and Discussion (Kelly Wolf/Tim Harter) Boldly Going Where No UX Has Gone Before (Jeremy Kriegel) Don’t Ride the Roller Coaster: Concrete Tools to Create Lasting Design Awareness in Your Organization (Joan Vermette/ Christina Persson)
10:15AM-11AM Beyond Gamification: Designing Behavior Change Games (Dustin DiTommaso) But I Don’t Have A Portfolio  (Jacqueline Stetson/Barbara Millet) Whirlwind tour of Mobile Usability Testing Apps and Services (Hanumolu) Studio Axioms: The unvarnished truth about starting and running a software design studio (Juhan Sonin)
11:15AM-12PM Storytelling the Results of Heuristic Evaluation (Carol Barnum) Designing for People Who Struggle with Reading and Attention (Julie Strothman) Cozy Up to Content (Dana Young) Presentation Skills for Designers (Fred Abaroa)
1PM-1:45PM Reader-Centered Design for Health Communication (Sarah Pomerantz/Molly McLeod/Mel Choyce) Mobilize: Make Good Things Come in Small Packages (Lissa Story/Claudia Wey) My iPhone or Yours? Usability Testing on Mobile Devices (Lis Pardi/Kate Lawrence) Interaction Patterns: NOT Your Average Design Patterns (David Rondeau)
2PM-2:45PM Conducting a Summative Study of EHR Usability: Case Study (Kris Engdahl) Design Studio: A Method for Idea Generation, Critique and Iteration (Adam Connor) Under(standing) the Influence: Design Implications and Opportunities for Behavior Change within Digital Networks (Chris Avore) Ethnography for Usability Practitioners (Demetrios Karis)
3PM-3:45PM Panel: Delivering Results: How Do You Report User Research Findings (Bob Thomas, Eva Kaniasty, Steve Krug, Dharmesh Mistry, Carolyn Snyder, Jen McGinn, Kyle Soucy) Decisions, Decisions! Designing for Decision Making (Colleen Roller) Best practices for defining, evaluating, & communicating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of user experience (Meng Yang) Designing innovative and engaging tablet app user experiences (Mark Munzer)
3:45PM-4:15pm BREAK
4:15-5PM #EpicFail! A/B Test Results vs. UX Best Practices (Susan Rice/Kirk Doggett) On the Move with Mobile Users: using innovative design and test techniques to create athenahealth’s mobile Electronic Health Record app (Kaden Rushford) How User Experience Evolves in a Company – a New Look at UX Maturity Models (Rich Buttiglieri) The evolution of agile methods and user-centered design: a research study (Michael Ledoux/Terry Skelton)
5:15PM-6PM It ain’t easy bein’ pleasy – Evangelizing UX for your personal brand and your business (Rev. Reginald “Junior” Bouchard) Character Creator: seeing audiences take shape (Dana Chisnell) Designing for Education: an iPad Case Study (Amanda Davis/Vignesh Krubai) Are You Designing Your Professional Relationships? (Alla Zollers)