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Rob Fitzgibbon
UXPA Boston Board Candidate 2017


I am a UX designer and manager with twenty years’ experience in our field.

I have been a board member of UXPA Boston since 2011, now serving as Secretary and sponsorships lead. I am running for a third term. I have helped UXPA Boston and our UX community grow and thrive and am eager to help steward our organization to even greater impact and success.

In my tenure on the board I have:

* Help run UXPA Boston- the conference, monthly meetings, special events plus all the organizational and administrative duties essential keeping a non-profit professional organization functioning. Whether it’s taking meeting minutes, ordering pizzas, writing invoices or checking in guests at our Interactions Party, it has been a privilege to serve our community.

* Spearheaded outreach efforts to organizations such as Mass TLC, the Science Club for Girls and the Boston Private Industry Council.

* Doubled the amount of conference sponsorships. Keeping our organization fiscally healthy has always been one of my priorities.

Why You want to Join the UXPA Boston Board?

As a UXPA Boston board member, I have the following goals

* Improve our programming at the conference, monthly meeting and special events levels. I am particularly interested in developing programs for our advanced practitioners.

* Expand our outreach efforts. We need to find, cultivate and promote UX talent wherever it can be found. Our organization must be an opportunity engine for women, all economic classes and communities of color. Through public and private partnerships, we need assume a greater leadership role in the state’s innovation economy.

* Create an endowment fund to permit UXPA Boston to award scholarships to talented, deserving members for their professional education. We are at a stage in our organization’s growth where we need to think about how we can consistently provide financial support to up and coming UX talent.

Thank you for your consideration.