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Jessika Welch
Board Member: 2021–


Growing up a first gen daughter of a Swede and a Brooklynite exposed me to opportunities observing humans navigate different environments, internal and external. A desire to help others navigate experiences evolved into a career goal.

25 years ago, instantly drawn to this intersection of psychology, art, and technology, and under leadership of a great mentor, I created a role which was a cross between IT, Market Research, Information Services, and Training. In the 90’s, before UX was a profession, I was responsible for designing Bain’s first intranet, and discovered my calling.

Earning an MS HFID at Bentley and working at Bentley’s Design & Usability Center, I confirmed a great fit. Since then, I’ve been leading UX efforts for a variety of big data enterprise applications at Sapient, EBSCO, KRONOS, The Weather Company and IBM, helping users make informed decisions with confidence as they work with screens, whether researching, analyzing, or managing people, portfolios, products, and now weather and AI.

In the Boston UX community as well as the Bentley Alumni community and nearby communities of UXPA NH and Seacoast NH, I participate in events and conferences, sharing information about educational and job opportunities. I promote and enjoy helping others find interests and gain education about topics this field, particularly evidence-based learnings.

Why do you want to join the UXPA Boston Board?

I am so grateful to have been a part of the UX Boston community for over 20 years! My first introduction into Beantown UXers was Jared Spool’s UIE #1 (1996) and the Sturbridge Flea Market Site! The topics and challenges have evolved quite a bit since then, and the ride has always been beneficial and supportive. I would love to give back, and help continue to deliver valuable content to empower my local colleagues. I offer my time wherever gaps need filling (website, events, communication, etc).

Previous volunteer experience

In the Boston UX community, I mentor fellow UXers and those looking to pursue UX in and outside of Boston. I’ve volunteered and participated at many events over the years, most recently at the UX Career Fair, reviewing resumes and portfolios of students, UX professionals and career changers. I also am a regular reviewer of UXPA Boston conference submissions and very much enjoy hearing others’ ideas! I am a local resource for career counseling to high school students seeking UX roles. I am also active in the UXPA NH community, which serves many in the greater Boston area.