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Brian Durkin
Monthly Meetings: 2020; Marketing & Social: 2018-2019; Board Member 2018–2020


I am a UX Designer with a fine arts background and years of design and development experience prior to my UX focus. I work as a Director of UX and like to educate others about the importance of UX from a strategic perspective. I’m an an advocate for design-thinking processes and volunteer for a few professional organizations already like IAI and IXDA.

Why You want to Join the UXPA Boston Board?

I work as a community organizer now for UX related organizations including MeetUp groups that have no affiliation. I’ve been an active member of the UXPA community and remember when it was UPA. I’d like to be involved in any way the board sees fit. My goal is to not just spread the education of human-centered design but to improve the interactions and experiences we have around us. I’ve found I have a longer reach for this goal if I can help organize and not try to only do it myself, but help others to evangelize and educate people on great design practices.