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Salary vs. Years of UX Experience

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Salary v. Age (Decade of Life – 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s) 

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Salary Notes:
  • n=165
  • We asked for salary and bonus, and sum is included in visuals below. 
  • The second graph shows age range (20s, 30s, etc., since we did not ask actual age). It is possible that grouping by decade obscures a stronger correlation between age and salary.


Contracting/Consulting Rates

Minimum Rates

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Maximum Rates

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Hourly Rate Notes:
  • n=48 (or just shy of 20% of our sample) 
  • For consultants who work mostly on a fixed fee basis, hourly rates may be estimates. 
  • We asked for a range of minimum-maximum rates. Those who entered min rate only were assumed to have a single rate (i.e. equal min and max)
  • In the visuals above, the top number is the hourly rate, bottom number the number of respondents reporting that rate, i.e. 5 reported $100 as their minimum hourly rate.