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UXPA Boston offers many opportunities for our members to share their ideas, including presenting at our conference, monthly meetings, short talk formats, and in mentoring and networking.

Presentation Design

Focus and Specificity

Focused and specific presentations get better feedback that ones that try to cover too much, or when presenters spend too much time on background information. If your presentation deals with an intermediate or advanced topic, assume that the audience has the necessary background to jump directly to the core of what you want to cover. Remember that the practical and engaging always trumps the abstract and vague.

Review your presentation with an eye toward your original proposal to stay consistent with attendee expectations.

Readability and Accessibility

At our conferences and meetings, we are held to a high standard for the usability of our presentations. We ask speakers to adhere to basic guidelines to ensure the readability of their presentations.

  1. Use a Sans-Serif font 30pt or larger for body and headline text
  2. Maintain a high contrast between your slide background and foreground (black text on white background/white text on dark background)
  3. When using large background images, overlay text against a semi-transparent or solid background to maintain readability (see example below):

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.14.05 AM

Additional tips from the pros:

Public Speaking Resources

Presentation style matters, especially in a highly competitive conference review environment. First time presenters and those who wish to improve their presentation skills are encouraged to take advantage of the following tools: