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Observing Usability Test Moderators (CUE-10)

CUE-10 is a unique opportunity for usability professionals to assess and improve their usability testing skills.
The purpose of CUE-10 is to gather real-world data about usability test moderation from experienced UX professionals. CUE-10 will assemble a number of experienced UX professionals to discuss best practices in usability test moderation based on a common experience in moderating at least 3 usability test sessions of a contemporary website.

Additional information about CUE on the DialogDesign website.

Your benefits

Quoting Steve Krug’s answer to the question “Do you think the proposed CUE-10 is worthwhile?”

“Yes, if for no other reason than to have a roomful of smart, serious people churn up the topic for a day, which will likely turn up some unexpected and useful bits. (Personally, I think the only real advice a facilitator needs is “Whenever you think you need to say something, don’t.”)”

Your contribution

To participate, you must:

  • Conduct at least 3 usability test sessions of a prescribed website;
  • Record test sessions on video. The videos must show both the usability test participant and the moderator;
  • Write a short usability test report describing your findings;Submit your report and your videos;
  • Review at least 3 reports and videos submitted by other participants;
  • Meet experienced colleagues at the CUE-10 workshop. Compare and discuss findings. Learn from the similarities and differences.
  • Compare results with current best practices in the usability literature.

Available Downloads


CUE-10 will take place from January to May 2018, ending with a full-day workshop held on Wednesday May 9, 2018, just before the UXPA Boston conference.