Designing for Analytics


Are you a product owner, analytics leader, or data scientist facing challenges with your enterprise data product such as:

* Low adoption or user engagement?
* Customer attrition?
* Low value or ROI despite significant engineering and data science investment?
* Usability or utility issues?
* Sales problems due to product quality?

I am on a mission to help companies create enterprise data analytics products to use design to maximize business value and user experience. While analytics technology evolves rapidly—yesterday it was “big data,” and now it’s machine learning, neural nets, and AI—poor design and UX makes this technology useless, lowering user engagement, hindering sales, and impeding digital transformation. Good design can address problems across the stack: customers, users, employees, and business.

Clients/Experience: DellEMC, NetApp, Tripadvisor, Fidelity, DataXu, Apptopia, Accenture, MITRE, Kyruus, JPMC, ETrade

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