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10 September, 2011

Join us:

The world is abuzz with agile. Companies are adopting new ways of working that threaten the traditional role of user experience. Has your team started having daily stand-ups? Working from a backlog? Splitting work into sprints? Integrating successful UX practices can be challenging. In this class, we will experience the agile lifecycle from a design perspective, from kicking off a project, to designing in iterations, to determining when to launch.

Success with agile is more than understanding how to adapt UX practices into 2 week sprints. Everyone plays a pivotal role in the overall success of the team. The more you understand, the more you will be able to collaborate with your team and evolve a process that will support success. Throughout the day, we’ll emphasize the underlying concepts driving the exercise so you will be prepared to adapt what you learn to your team.

About the instructor:

Jeremy Kriegel is the UX Manager at CIDC, provider of online poker and gaming software. He has been a UX practitioner for over 15 years and coached, lead, and contributed to teams in multiple agile environments.