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20 October, 2012

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A meaningful and fulfilling career can be yours! The UX profession has exploded on the scene and the demand for UX professionals has skyrocketed.

Now is the time to follow your passion! Does one of these statements describe you?

  • You have a successful career but in some ways, it lacks meaning and doesn’t give you the personal fulfillment you want
  •  You want to start looking at new opportunities, but don’t know how to evaluate companies to make sure  they are the right fit for you
  •  You are at a crossroads and believe that deeper, more meaningful success is possible in your career
  •  You are yearning for more from your current job and are ready to take it to the next level

If you answered “Yes”, you are not alone. Pressured by our family’s expectations and our need to fund a lifestyle, most of us choose careers or take jobs in which we can “make a good living”. It’s all about the money, but at the end of the day – that’s just not enough.

This workshop will help you get clarity on what is meaningful to you so that you can design your career. The very hands-on interactive workshop will help you:

  •  Identify your values. When you understand your values, you can find work that gives you the income you want as well as the satisfaction and fulfillment you crave.
  • Discover your life purpose. Your life purpose is a compass that can guide you to meaningful roles and help you make powerful career decisions.
  • Shift limiting beliefs. Turning around old beliefs can help you get out of your own way allowing you to reach new levels of success.

You will leave this workshop with greater self-knowledge and awareness that can help guide your career decisions, as well as actionable steps to get you started designing your career.

Bio: Alla Zollers

Alla is a passionate and innovative user experience consultant. Over the last seven years, she has worked as a user experience lead for agencies, startups, and software companies. Alla is also personal coach, and she strives to help individuals create a fulfilling and exceptional life.