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16 July, 2013

Join us:

Event will take place at LearnLaunchX in the Back Bay

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Help 8 education startups at LearnLaunchX refine their UI and UX strategy, and make connections in the Boston tech community during this fast-paced and fun event.
What’s LearnLaunchX?
LearnLaunchX’s accelerator program is designed to help early stage ed tech entrepreneurs successfully grow their startups. Founders participate in a three month residential program in Boston, Massachusetts, where they are immersed in a community of like-minded professionals committed to helping them grow their businesses. We believe our companies will create enormous value in the education sector, which is 9% of the U.S. economy and growing rapidly around the world. Our entrepreneurs are passionate about student engagement and learning, as well as empowering educators with great tools and solutions.
How can I help?
The startups are in the process of refining their products, and they need your help. They’ll bring their elevator pitch demos, you’ll bring advice on UX strategy, user research, and taking their designs to the next level.
The schedule:
6-6:40pm: Networking & Light Refreshments
6:45-7pm: Introductions
7pm-8pm: Round-Robin Mentoring/UX Feedback Sessions
8pm-9pm: More Networking, Strategizing & Mentoring
Please note: for this event, we are asking for the participation of mid to senior level UX professionals to share their knowledge. Hence, the additional RSVP info requested.
The startups:
  • Cognii  – http://cognii.com  
    Using powerful natural language processing technology, Cognii enables automatic assessment of students’ essay answers.  Cognii helps learning service providers create personalized and engaging learning environments based on students’ written responses to open-ended questions.
  • Countdown – http://www.countdownforteachers.com
    A planning tool for creating Common Core-aligned instruction that allows teachers and districts to map standards by day across the school year, link curricular resources, share calendars, manage changes and create a record of what is taught.  Countdown improves pacing, increases the effectiveness of co-teaching and supports standards-based teaching and learning.
  • eduCanon  – http://www.educanon.com
    Powerful, easy-to-use tools to create on-line direct instruction that links videos, assessments and student interaction, and lets teachers quickly identify and track students’ grasp of concepts.  Created by teachers, for teachers.
  • Empow Learning – http://empow.me
    Transformative experiences that empower young learners to create and build using technology, to discover their superpowers, and to make lasting contributions to their own futures and to the world around them.  Empow is a successful STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) afterschool and summer program engaging kids in grades 4-10, which is poised to grow to new communities and regions.
  • Gradeable – https://www.gradeable.com
    A new assessment and feedback tool that helps teachers give students smarter, faster feedback and reduces their overall workload. Developed by a team from MIT and Harvard, it uses optical character recognition to handle paper inputs in both written answer and multiple choice formats, and provides simple, visually appealing reports.
  • Listen Edition – http://www.listenedition.com
    Public radio stories, lesson plans and activities that enliven STEM and social studies curriculum, foster critical thinking and listening skills, and align with Common Core State Standards (CCSS), led by respected public radio reporter Monica Brady-Myerov.