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24 March, 2021
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Join us for UXPA Boston’s March Meeting and learn about Carolyn’s 3 steps for partnering with stakeholders to build a customer-centric IA

Information architecture (IA) is the unsung hero of any website or application. A great IA can make navigating so easy and intuitive that customers don’t even realize they’re clicking around. However, a broken IA can quickly derail customers, causing task failure and eroding brand trust.

So where do you begin when you need to reimagine your navigation? And what do you do with all the differing opinions from product teams and stakeholders who think their area of the product is the most important?

After repeatedly being faced with the same problem, I’ve identified a simple, 3-step process to transform any information architecture with all product teams and stakeholders aligned:

  • Step 1: In-depth task analysis
  • Step 2: A cross-functional IA workshop
  • Step 3: Tree testing

This process will help you partner more effectively with product teams and stakeholders, turning their opinions into data that can be used to reimagine the IA and build a customer-centric solution. In this talk, we’ll dive into each stage of the process to teach you how to:

  • Harness product team and stakeholder expertise
  • Prioritize tasks to create the optimal navigation solution for the customer
  • Drive cross-team innovation and ideation
  • Advance the solution while still ensuring stakeholders feel in control and heard

Meet the speaker

Carolyn Griffel is a Senior Product Designer at HubSpot. She has over 12 years experience as both a consultant and in-house user experience (UX) designer leading teams in pioneering interdisciplinary work across a variety of industries and companies including LG, GM, Medtronic, Akamai Technologies and Toast.

Carolyn has been transforming IAs since her consultancy days, when, working with hospitals and universities, she’d always be asked to solve the same problem – users couldn’t find the pages they needed and engagement rates were poor. Thus, the repeatable, 3-step IA process was born.

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