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31 July, 2013

Join us:

Join us for our July monthly meeting, hosted by MadPow!

Adam Connor presenting: Lights! Camera! Interaction!

Films succeed in evoking responses and engaging audiences only with a combination of well-written narrative and effective storytelling technique. It’s the filmmaker’s job to put this together. To do so they’ve developed processes, tools and techniques that allow them to focus attention, emphasize information, foreshadow and produce the many elements that together comprise a well-told story. With this presentation, we’’ll revisit the topic of using stories in design and expand on the technical aspects used in film to communicate. We’ll look at some tools used in film such as: cinematic patterns, beat sheets,and storyboards. We’ll consider why they’re used and how we might look to them for inspiration.


About Adam:

As an Experience Design Director with Mad*Pow in Portsmouth, NH, Adam combines 10+ years of experience in interaction and experience design with a background in Computer Science, film, and visual design to create effective and easy-to-use digital products and services. He believes that no matter how utilitarian a tool is, at the core of its creation lies a story; uncovering that story is key to its success.

Adam is also a strong proponent of critique, not only in design, but also as a key component of collaboration, learning, and improvement. Occasionally, he shares his perspectives on design at adamconnor.com and discussingdesign.com.


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