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24 March, 2015
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Lessons from Harvard:  Using Gamification to Juice Your User Engagement with Dr. B. Price Kerfoot

About Dr. Kerfoot; Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Kerfoot has conducted groundbreaking research at Harvard Medical School into increasing learner engagement using game mechanics such as individual and team competition, scoring and leaderboards.  His research shows that, when applied correctly, game-based learning can significantly increase engagement and learning.  Hear the latest peer-reviewed research as well as practical methods used at Harvard Medical School and life sciences companies that you can implement to drive learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Learning Objectives

How do you get busy sales people to take training in the field?

You can give everyone an iPad but if the learning is not engaging and enjoyable, they will give up (or never start).  Understand the latest Harvard and other peer-reviewed research on gamification and learner engagement.

How can we apply it?

Learn how to develop practical, engaging and fun learning strategies based on proven behavioral science that leverages game-like elements to boost engagement.

What has worked for others?

Share and discuss peer-reviewed research from around the world, as well as actual case studies from life sciences sales force training.