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20 July, 2011

Join us:

UPA Boston invites you to join us for a night of accessibility at the MIT Stata Center in Cambridge. The night will feature three talks from experts in accessibility:

Usability and Accessibility, do they make sense together?

Members of the MIT IS&T Accessibility and Usability Group [Katherine Wahl, MIT Usability Consultant and Stephani Roberts, MIT Accessibility Consultant] make the case for why these two practices dovetail. Join them as they walk through their tandem work processes and illustrate the benefits of combining these areas of expertise for greatest impact.

MIT IS&T Accessibility and Usability Group

Katherine Wahl, MIT Usability Consultant

Stephani Roberts, MIT Accessibility Consultant

Accessible Design – What does it mean?

Accessible design implies that web sites and applications interact well with assistive technologies.  But what does that mean?   In an attempt to demystify that statement, Mary Ziegler, Manager of the MIT Assistive Technology Information Center (ATIC), will give live demonstrations of some common, and not-so-common, assistive technologies.

MIT IS&T Accessibility and Usability Group

Mary Ziegler, IT Manager

How do you go from standards awareness to corporate practice?

Understanding Web accessibility standards and guidelines and how to apply them is one thing, but negotiating your corporate culture to institutionalize accessibility as a practice is an entirely different journey. Margy Bergel and Ann Chadwick-Dias discuss approaches to integrating accessibility at a large corporation.

Margy Bergel, Sr. Accessibility/User Experience Research (Fidelity Investments)

Ann Chadwick-Dias, Principal Accessibility/User Experience Researcher (Fidelity Investments)

Parking & Transportation

We suggest taking the T to the Kendall stop, rather than driving. After 5pm, there is typically parking on Main, Vassar, and Ames Street.


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